Instruction Manuals for TCS (TOBIN) Telecine & Filming Equipment

These are all PDF files requiring Adobe Acrobat to view and print.

1. Tobin Video Transfer TVT Telecine Equipment:

TVT-8PHD Progressive Scan High Definition (current model)

Previous Models: Early versions with condenser lens optics, which exaggerated scratches and emulsion flaws, have almost all been converted to diffused light and are omitted. Operation of some below models requires the Reset button be pushed, and the Manual Advance knob turned once or twice, to reset internal circuits for correct functioning.

TVT-16PHD E Progressive Scan High Definition (recent model)

TVT-8A Analog

TVT-8 Sprocketed True Speed Models (recent models)

TVT-16 16mm (recent model)

TVT-8PHD Progressive Scan High Definition (recent model)

TVT-16PHD Progressive Scan High Definition (recent model)

TVT-D8 ME Mainstream E

TVT-8 True Speed Sprocketless

TVT-D8 True Speed Sprocketless Dual-8

TVT-8PHD C Progressive Scan High Definition Economy

TVT-8 Sprocketed types A, J, K

TVT-8 Sprocketless types B, M, N

TVT-S8S Super-8 Sound: 1CCD    3CCD Sound Deluxe    True Speed 1CCD and 3CCD Models

“My Own Telecine” TVT-D8C/-S8C with: Videology Camera (early) Sentech Camera (later)


TVT Supplementary and Service Information:

3CCD Camera Supplement for usual 1CCD models

Hitachi Manual for HV-D30, -D30P 3CCD Camera

Pixel Correction for Hitachi HV-D30, -D30P 3CCD Camera

TVT-8 Claw Pivot Lubrication

TVT-S8 Basic Claw Adjustment

TVT-R8 Basic Claw Adjustment

TVT-8 Claw & Shuttle Repair

TVT-8 Focus Adjustment

TVT-8 Physical Shutter Timing

TVT-8 Electronic Shutter Timing

TVT-8 Light Replacement (and 1CCD color balance adjustment)

TVT-8 Problems in Early Machines

Splicing Recommendations for 8mm, Super-8

Pitch Correction for Super-8 Sound 1CCD Transfers (not applicable to True Speed version)

Viewing and Recording Software for Sensor Technology cameras, 32 bit version 3.08 or 64 bit version 3.08

Viewing and Recording Software for Imaging Source cameras (manufacturer site)

2. Tobin Film Production Equipment:


Battery Belt & Charger

CHT Motor for TXM-15 Crystal in Arri 16BL

Motor Installation in Krasnogorsk K-3 Camera

TEC-26 Euroframe Controller

TM-23 Variable Motor for Arri S/M

TMC-2 Milliframe Controller     Battery Installation     LCD Counter Version

TMC-55 Milliframe Controller

TMC-55Aa Milliframe Controller

TSC Speed Checker

TSCe Speed Checker

TSCt Speed Checker

TTL Time Lapse & Animation Motor for Bolex

TVC Videoframe Controller

TVCe Videoframe Controller:  in       Black Case     Grey Case

TXM-8 Crystal for Bolex

TXM-9 Crystal for Arri BL

TXM-10B Crystal Motor for Bolex

TXM-10S Crystal Motor for Arri S/M

TXM-11 Crystal for Bolex

TXM-12R Crystal Conversion for Konvas

TXM-D (TXM-13) Crystal Motor for Krasnogorsk

TXM-14 Crystal Motor for Eclair NPR     TXM-14LD Light Duty Version     TXM-14C Conversion     TXM-14CE Economy Conversion

TXM-14/35H Crystal Conversion of 35H Russian Studio Camera

TXM-15 Crystal for Arri BL     TXM-15 Crystal for CHT Motor in Arri BL

TXM-16 Crystal for Bolex

TXM-17 Crystal Motor for Arri S/M

TXM-18 Crystal Motor for Arri 35mm

TXM-19 Crystal for Arri BL

TXM-20 Crystal Motor for Krasnogorsk

TXM-20B     TXM-20Ba     TXM-20Be     Crystal Motors for Bolex

TXM-20K Crystal Motor for Krasnogorsk

TXM-21 Crystal Motor for Arri 35mm

TXM-21A Crystal Motor for Arri 35mm

TXM-21Aa Crystal Motor for Arri 35mm

TXM-21Ab Crystal Motor for Arri 35mm

TXM-21C Crystal Motor for Eclair CM3 35mm

TXM-22 Crystal Motor for Arri S/M

TXM-22A Crystal Motor for Arri S/M

TXM-24 Crystal for Bolex

TXM-25 Crystal Motor for Arri BL

TXM-25A Crystal Motor for Eclair ACL

TXM-26     TXM-26B     TXM-26C     TXM-26Ce     Crystal Motors for Bolex

TXM-27 Crystal for Arri BL